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  • Dorothy Mackintosh


When the new year comes around, we tend to want that "fresh start". It's another year and now is the time to make changes, write resolutions, begin our new health regime etc. etc. etc...... Sound familiar? I know that I've done this every year since I was old enough to know that I am not perfect and that I "should be" continually changing and improving myself. If we take a step back however, what is it that we really want to do? If there was just one thing, what would it be? I find that if I take one project, whatever that may be, and work on it diligently, I can actually achieve success and feel good about that achievement.

In this piece of art, I painted my hands and made prints of them in my journal. On the left are the elements that I want to let go of and on the right are the elements that I want to keep or grow in my life. The mask represents taking my blinders off, opening my eyes and really looking at what I need for myself to sustain feelings of happiness and fulfilment. Take some time, write those lists, and find the most important element that you want to work on and then add some colour, some collage images and then write about your goal. Happy New Year everyone!

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