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After your initial free consultation, and you decide that you would like to try virtual art therapy, I will send you the link for your first session. Once online, the sessions work in the same way as in-person therapy. Time is spent with a check-in on how you are doing, anything important will be discussed and a decision made on what you want to concentrate your time on. Sometimes clients have an idea of what they want to do and sometimes they ask me to give them a directive.

Once the art has been made, we will spend time processing the art and exploring both the meaning and the emotions that come up. A resolution is sought and a final check-in happens before the session ends. Clients will often make art at home outwith the session and send me a copy of their image. I can then bring up the image on my screen and we process it that way.

It can definitely be hard to imagine how art therapy works this way. However, it can work very well if you have the following set up:

  1. A computer or even a phone where you can access the internet.

  2. A safe and quiet space where you won't be interrupted or overheard.

  3. Art supplies that you already have at home. Alternatively, anything useful like pencils, pens, pencil crayons, crayons or markers, and some kind of paper or even cardstock from cereal packaging will work.

  4. Somewhere safe to store your art.

  5. A cup of tea or a glass of water and some tissues.

The obvious downside is that you have to set up your own safe space which may not be possible for you at home. The upside is that you can access the session wherever you happen to be; you may feel safer given the current pandemic situation; you don't have to struggle to drive around the city and then look for parking; and, you can use your own familiar supplies in the comfort of your own home!

I recommend that you call or email me if you would like to explore the possibilities of working in this way, there is no obligation to book a session if you feel that virtual art therapy is not for you. My cell is 403-612-9940 or email

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