What's Happening In The Virtual Studio

At Kaleidoscope Art Therapy, I believe that working in a community creates an atmosphere of healing, empowerment and wellbeing. There are a range of services designed to help facilitate a regular art practice which the research tells us is good for our mental and emotional health. These services are also a good way to try therapeutic art to see if art therapy is something that would be of benefit to you.

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Individual Online Art Therapy Sessions​

Working with what you have to hand at home

Our Services
Painting with Watercolor

Adult: Individual Art Therapy

Art Therapists utilize different creative techniques and art mediums to support people to explore their unconscious feelings and emotions. This discovery of personal insights leads to healing, empowerment and overall wellbeing.

Family Art Therapy

When working together within the virtual art therapy studio, parents and children are able to create new lines of communication, leading to better interpersonal relationships and understanding. The professional art therapist will support the family throughout this process.

Autism Therapy

Teens: Individual Art Therapy

We know that teens have their own unique perspective on life. Within the art therapy studio, their feelings, emotions, thoughts and individual styles will always be respected and valued. Art in all its forms is a highly effective way for teens to express themselves and work through difficult life experiences.