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  • Dorothy Mackintosh


Art making in any form is good for our souls. Those of us who make art on a regular basis know how good it feels to keep up a regular art practice. An art therapy program differs from an art class because of the processing that happens before, during and after art is made. Working with a professional art therapist within a compassionate and safe environment empowers us to look inwards and express our innermost feelings. The art therapist is trained in psychotherapy and will hold the space for their clients so that they feel safe to do the work that they need to do. Art therapists can also work alongside their clients or give art directives if it feels more comfortable for them. Utilizing a range of materials and making different types of art within a supportive art therapy group environment can have a positive effect on the sensory, emotional and cognitive processing areas of our brain. Within the context of art therapy, we can develop healthy coping skills, build resiliency, as well as experience psychological transformation, healing, empowerment and overall wellbeing.

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